Musk Reveals His On-Mars Coffee Plans on Twitter


Just as SpaceX CEO Elon Musk prepared for the “most difficult launch” of his rocket company with Falcon Heavy rocket, the space-enthusiast changed his display picture on Twitter from an alcoholic monkey to that of an astronaut sipping hot coffee on Mars.

The picture uploaded on Monday shows an astronaut, leaning against what looks like the iconic red Tesla sipping steamy coffee and looking into the infinite space while on the red planet.

“On Mars, I like to drink my coffee in this mug,” wrote Musk revealing his space plans in a tweet that also carried a link to his SpaceX store.

In what seemed like more of an advertisement for SpaceX merchandise, the link directs users to a $15 (roughly Rs. 1,000) worth of “Occupy Mars ‘Heat Sensitive’ Terraforming Mug”, which is currently out of stock on the site.

“Colonising Mars one mug at a time!” Musk tweeted later while replying to a user.

While some users kept interacting with Musk over the Falcon Heavy rocket launch, some others took a jibe at his electric vehicle company Tesla’s inconsistent finances.

“When u plug your merch (merchandise) to fund your project,” a user wrote.

Musk tweeted about his on-Mars coffee plans as a reply to his one of own tweets that he posted on June 24 – a picture saying “Occupy Mars”.

Monday night, Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket fired up into the space from a launch pad in Florida, carrying a bunch of 24 experimental satellites that are intended to be safely delivered into three different drop off points in the orbit as planned.

For this mission, the US Department of Defence is a key customer that SpaceX relied on for the launch contract.

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