Telegram Launches Location-Based Group Chats


Telegram has released its latest update, adding a number of new features. The headline feature is location-based group chats, which let you join or create group chats with people nearby. Which could help you make new friends with people in your area.

Chat to Telegram Users Near Your Location

Telegram details the new features in a blog post. The change underpinning the location-based chats is the ability for people to exchange contact info without knowing each other’s phone numbers. Which enables you to chat with what are essentially strangers.

You can do this by utilizing the Add to Contacts button at the top of new chats. Allowing you to add anyone who messages you to your Telegram contacts. You can also use Add People Nearby to exchange contact info with Telegram users standing close by.

The new People Nearby section also opens up the possibility of Location-Based Group Chats. You can either browse Groups Nearby available for you to join, or Create a Local Group to start your own chat for neighbors, co-workers, or fellow students.

Other improvements Telegram has made with version 5.8 include the option to transfer group ownership to new people and preview themes without applying them, enhanced notification exceptions, and Siri shortcuts to open chats hands-free.

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Telegram Helps You Forge New Friendships

These location-based group chats are a fantastic idea. Especially for anyone who wants to forge new friendships with people in their apartment building or on their campus. Just employ the usual safeguards before meeting anyone you only know online.

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