Dr. Mario World Multiplayer Detailed by Nintendo Ahead of Launch on Android, iOS


Nintendo has revealed how the multiplayer mode will work in Dr. Mario World, its upcoming game for Android and iOS. Dr. Mario World is a match-three puzzle game where you can play as popular Nintendo characters such as Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, etc. Each of these characters has an in-game role of a doctor who can use capsules to eliminate viruses. Dr. Mario World releases on Android and iOS on July 10, and multiplayer details are the newest development.

The first thing you need to know about Dr. Mario World (Android, iOS) is that it’s not releasing in India at the time of launch. Nintendo does not have an official presence in India and going by its mobile game releases, does not see India as a critical market. Mobile games such as Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp were not released in India at launch.

With that out of the way, if you have an App Store or Google Play account from a different region such as the US, you can play the game once it releases. Dr. Mario World’s multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends via Facebook or Line. It’s a bit disappointing to see Nintendo relying on third parties for multiplayer functionality but it’s not very surprising considering that online multiplayer isn’t one of Nintendo’s strengths.

You can send hearts to your friends in Dr. Mario World, and see their progress in the game. You can play against your friends in versus mode, and this works by sending viruses to make it more difficult for your friends to win. You can eliminate viruses to fill your attack meter in the game and once that’s full, many viruses will go to your opponent’s stage. You can win versus mode games by filing up your opponent’s stage.

Each doctor in Dr. Mario World has special skills such as clearing random viruses or random columns, among others. Doctors also have an attack and a defence power, which dictate how effective attacking your opponent is going to be. Those are all the details Nintendo has revealed so far about Dr. Mario World. You can check out the trailer below and decide whether it’s up your alley.

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