Girlboss Launches a LinkedIn for Women


Girlboss, a media company which creates content aimed at females, has launched a new professional networking site. Given Girlboss’ focus on females, its new professional networking platform is being pitched as LinkedIn for women. At least unofficially.

LinkedIn is an amazing resource packed with cool features

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. However, LinkedIn has been around since 2003, which, in internet years, is a very long time ago. Girlboss is hoping to exploit this by launching a new professional networking built for a younger audience.

What Is Girlboss’ Professional Networking 2.0?

The Girlboss professional network is “built for ambitious women”. It’s designed as a platform for entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, side hustlers, and executives to connect on a number of levels, with the aim being to help each other succeed.

Members are invited to connect with each other, ask questions, and exchange ideas. Just like LinkedIn, you can send connection requests to other community members. If and when they accept the request, you can then start chatting to them.

Sophia Amoruso, the CEO of Girlboss, told Business Insider that “This is the place where you can have a beautiful profile that shares not just what you do but who you are.” In other words, you can talk about more than just your professional achievements.

The examples given are completing a marathon or buying a house. Both of which are achievements worth sharing with others, but which don’t belong on LinkedIn. The idea is to offer a more rounded profile of yourself than is possible with a resume.

Can Girlboss Compete With LinkedIn?

Girlboss’ professional network is available right now at Anyone can sign up for free, including men, but Girlboss is aiming the site at professional women. The website is already live, with Girlboss also planning to launch an app.

Girlboss faces an uphill battle competing with the mighty LinkedIn. However, unlike Girlboss, LinkedIn isn’t exactly built with millennial women in mind. Girlboss isn’t alone either, so here are the best websites for women everyone should know about

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