Instagram Now Warns You When You Break the Rules


Instagram is making changes to the way it handles account suspensions and bans. The changes are designed to keep the social platform free from content that breaks Instagram’s rules while also helping users understand what they have done wrong.

Social Platforms Need Rules

All social platforms have rules. Some have more rules than others, and some users have bigger issues abiding by these rules than others. Some users push things so far that they end up getting banned for repeatedly breaking the rules.

Instagram’s Community Guidelines cover pornography, bullying, harassment, and more. Instagram will disable or even delete your account if you continually break these rules. However, it is now rolling out changes designed to keep Instagram free of these issues.

Instagram Changes Its Rules

Instagram outlined the changes in a post on the Instagram Blog. The company explains that these changes will help Instagram “quickly detect and remove accounts that repeatedly violate our policies” and keep Instagram “a safe and supportive place”.

The first change means that an account can be removed for committing “a certain number of violations within a window of time”. Until now, Instagram has only targeted accounts that “have a certain percentage of violating content”.

The problem with the former policy is that it meant clever users could stay under the percentage threshold. Therefore avoiding having their account suspended. Under the new policy, Instagram will have more leeway to detect and remove troublesome accounts.

The second change is all about keeping users better informed and able to appeal against content that has been deleted. From now on, when Instagram deletes a post for breaking its guidelines, the company will notify the user to warn them that their account is at risk.

It will also inform them which post or posts have been removed and why. Users will then be able to appeal against the decision, and if Instagram decides it has deleted content by mistake, the post(s) will be restored and the violation struck from the record.

The Unwritten Instagram Rules

As Instagram grows more popular, these changes are important. Not only to help keep the platform free of unsavoury content but also to help right wrongs, such as breastfeeding mothers who have had their posts removed for violating the rules regarding nudity.

As well as the actual rules maintained and managed by social platforms, there are those unwritten rules longtime users instinctively know they need to follow. And Instagram is no exception. So here are the things you should not be doing on Instagram

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