Sony A9G Bravia 4K OLED Android TV Launched in India, Priced at Rs. 2,69,900 Onwards

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Sony is one of a handful of manufacturers that have invested heavily in the development of OLED TVs, but the technology remains too expensive for most users. Although most TV buyers today opt for LED TVs, people looking for top performance are picking OLED TVs for the superior colours and black levels. The latest OLED TV to launch in India is the Sony A9G Bravia, which comes in two sizes of 55-inch (KD-55A9G) and 65-inch (KD-65A9G), and is priced at Rs. 2,69,900 for the 55-inch model and Rs. 3,69,900 for the 65-inch model. The new A9G range will be available at Sony Centers, authorised dealers, and e-commerce portals across India.

The Sony A9G Bravia OLED TV range is the successor to the A9F range, which was launched in September last year. The new TV range is the flagship series in India, and comes with a 4K OLED screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The A9G TVs are smart TVs, and run on Google’s Android TV operating system.

The TV is powered by the Sony X1 Ultimate picture processor, and supports the HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards for high dynamic range content. Interestingly, the TV also has a Netflix Calibrated mode, which is said to improve the picture for Netflix original TV shows. In addition, the TV has hands-free access to Google Assistant, and support for Apple AirPlay and Apple HomeKit for IoT applications.

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In addition, the Sony A9G Bravia OLED TV features Acoustic Surface Audio+ that is said to reproduce the position of the sound as if it were coming directly from the screen rather than from below the TV. The TV has a 2.2-channel speaker setup with two actuators and two subwoofers, along with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital sound.

The TV has 16GB of onboard storage for apps and games that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store for Android TV. There is also a built-in Chromecast for casting from smartphones and other devices to the A9G Bravia OLED TV.

In addition to the A9G series, Sony has also launched the A8G series, priced at Rs. 2,19,900 for the 55-inch model and Rs. 3,19,900 for the 65-inch variant. This is a more affordable lineup of OLED TVs, meant for users looking at more affordable options.

While the majority of affordable options are LED TVs, OLED is the screen technology of the future. OLED screens, such as the one of the Sony A9G Bravia TV, have the ability to illuminate individual pixels, and shut off the ones that are not needed. This makes for superior black levels, better contrast, and more vibrant colours. Apart from Sony, LG and Panasonic also sell OLED TVs in India.

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