8 Stranger Things Memes You Need in Your Life


Millions of people love Stranger Things, and happily binge a new season as soon as it’s released on Netflix. Season 3 was no exception, and as soon as the show debuted, fans started posting Stranger Things memes.

In this article, we list the best Stranger Things memes, and explain how and when to use them. Just a note of warning that this article contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3, so only read on if you have watched it all.

1. Robin’s Whiteboard of Wisdom Meme

Steve’s snarky coworker Robin is always right. Especially when she pulls up a whiteboard and marks another incident of Steve being a dingus. And of course Robin and her “You rule/You suck” whiteboard has become a meme.

While it’s not always used in the original tally format, the Whiteboard of Wisdom comes with a statement that’s undeniably correct and needed to be said. And although most whiteboard statements are related to the show, they don’t necessarily have to be.

So, if you have some truth to speak, use one of the best meme generators

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to make a Robin meme of your own.

2. Alexei Smirnoff


Childlike innocence. A pure soul. A love for cherry slurpees and other joys of capitalism. These things have made Alexei, a Russian scientist held hostage by Joyce and Hopper, the internet’s new darling.

Ever since season 3, fans have been mourning Alexei’s death, calling him an angel, comparing him to Barb from season 1, but most often of all—making memes with him.

Alexei’s face when he wins a stuffed Woody Woodpecker at the Hawkins fair is so happy and sweet he’s been used as the picture of innocence. So if you want to express how you felt before you knew what student debt was, Alexei is your go-to meme.

3. Strawberry and Cherry

Just liquid sugar from StrangerThings

Speaking of Alexei and his cherry slurpees. When he points out he wanted the cherry flavor, not the strawberry, Hopper barks that it all tastes the same and is just sugar on ice. And just like that, strawberry and cherry become the new Stranger Things meme.

The duo of flavors has been cross-bred with the Drake meme, The Office memes, and the Me Explaining to My Mom meme, producing some hilarious combinations. And if you like your memes to have a practical application, you can use Strawberry and Cherry to mock a friend who doesn’t get subtle differences.

4. Again? Seriously?

Steve being annoyed by the kids, who show up at Scoops Ahoy for the fiftieth time, is the meme we all needed. Because how else do you express your frustration with something pesky that keeps happening?

Maybe it’s Area 51 guards and the conspiracy theorists of Facebook. Maybe it’s your computer and apps that launch at startup. Or perhaps it’s your credit card and all your useless purchases. Whatever it is, some situations just call for the “Again? Seriously?” meme.

5. Broke Mike

As much as Mike wants to get Eleven a present, it’s hard for him to do that, because he only has, like, $3.50. The photo of a bummed out Mike paired with his quote makes the perfect meme, because it’s all too relatable. You’ve probably been broke at least at one point in your life.

Coworkers inviting you to a bar crawl a day before the pay day? Send them a Broke Mike. Your friends making holiday plans you can’t afford right now? Send them a Broke Mike. Your parents constantly asking you when you’re going to buy a house? Broke Mike comes in handy again.

6. “Isn’t It Time You Die?”

Ah, sibling love. The only relationship where saying “Isn’t it time you die?” in response to “Isn’t it past your bedtime?” is completely acceptable. Lucas’ little sister Erica has the sharpest tongue on the show, and her snarky response to Lucas is pure meme gold.

The exchange between Lucas and Erica is now used to set various movie and cartoon characters against each other.

The one asking “Isn’t it past your bedtime?” is usually older and has more authority, while the one snapping “Isn’t it time you die?” is the younger and more brazen one. Severus Snape and Harry Potter, Captain America and Spiderman—the list goes on and on.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to movie characters. This is the perfect meme to show how different groups and generations get along online.

7. Keep the Door Open Three Inches

Like many dads of the world, Hopper is worried about his teenage daughter’s relationship. But after he (possibly) dies, his order to keep the door ajar when Mike is in her room acquires a whole new meaning.

“Keep the door open three inches” are the last words by Hopper that Eleven gets to read, and they caused Stranger Things fans to burst into tears. The phrase has become an iconic tear-jerker, along with The Avengers’, “I love you 3000.” So pair it with photos of weeping cats and teary-eyed pups.

8. Joyce and the Magnets

In season 1, Joyce is obsessed with finding her son. In season 2, she is obsessed with saving her son. But in season 3, she gives her son a break and gets obsessed with her magnets.

Joyce is ultimately right: the magnets have lost their magnetism because of the massive machine the Russians have running near Hawkins. But her obsession throughout the season is prime meme material.

Joyce and the magnets work beautifully when merged with other memes, like Me Explaining to My Mom, The Distracted Boyfriend, and I Bet He’s Thinking About Other Women. In other words, this Stranger Things meme is great for mocking irrational fixations.

Memes Make the World Go Around

These are the best Stranger Things memes we could find, but we’re sure there are more out there just waiting to be discovered. If there are any that you have found useful/entertaining, feel free to post them in the comments below.

And even if you’re not interested in Stranger Things memes, we have previously written about people who became memes and how they reacted

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. Which is well worth a read.

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