PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update Brings Infection Mode With Dedicated Map, New Character System, and More


PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update is here, and it brings a tonne of new elements such as an entirely new mode, a fresh character system, rewards, and a lot more. The most notable addition is the Infection Mode, which allows one to play as a defender or a zombie in an entirely new map setting, and switches the roles to test out the strategy skill of players. A tonne of bug fixes are on the way as well, alongside a new Pirate main theme and restocked items with the season 8 Royale Pass.

The PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update is now available to download and is 731MB in size on Android. The game’s updated version is available to download on iOS platform as well. As we mentioned, the most notable change brought by the update is the Infection Mode, which is defined as an asymmetric PvP mode where players are classified into two factions – defenders and zombies.

As a zombie, the goal is to kill as many defenders as possible, but only via melee attacks. If you play as a defender in PUBG Mobile’s new Infection Mode, you get a gun and a machete to hack the undead, but the main objective is to stay alive. Zombies revive after being killed, but defenders will turn into zombies if they die. As for winning, zombies will be victorious if all defenders are infected. But even if a single defender survives the zombie onslaught before time runs out, the defenders will win the round.

zombie mode PUBG Mobile

The new Infection Mode puts the survival and strategy skills of players to test

The Infection Mode is set in an entirely new map which appears to be an abandoned suburb at dawn. There are stairs galore and some swim ring-shaped jump pads that help players quickly jump on a rooftop to avoid the zombies. Players can customise the layout of on-screen buttons when they are playing as a zombie, even if the number of controls is much less than the regular layout.

Moreover, a fresh character system has been introduced with the update that adds a new character called Victor with his own unique outfit and skill – the ability to load SMGs faster than others. Victor is available as a free item and can be picked up from the Characters section under the Workshop tab.

There is also a Global Treasure Hunt challenge for Royale Pass owners that is divided into four stages with a unique map for each one. There are seven levels in each stage and two missions for each level, all of which can be completed to unlock a final reward.

updated load screen PUBG Mobile

The revamped mode selection screen in PUBG Mobile looks cleaner following the update

Other changes introduced by the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update include a new Pirate main menu theme and a redesigned mode selection interface. To go with the whole theme, players can now look for hidden treasures such as gold, silver, and bronze compasses than can be redeemed to win rewards. Plus, a separate download button has been added on the lobby to easily pause or resume a map download.

Also new is background update download support on iOS, lower number of daily missions but higher per-mission award, and the ability to switch random missions three times a day. Improved firing fluency, quicker backpack opening, smoother revive experience, and a host of bug fixes also come with PUBG Mobile v0.14.0 update.

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