Ajit Pai formally recommends T-Mobile/Sprint merger approval


Ajit Pai has long signaled that he would approve a T-Mobile/ class=”crunchbase-link” href=”https://crunchbase.com/organization/sprint-nextel” target=”_blank” data-type=”organization” data-entity=”sprint-nextel”>Sprint merger, but today the FCC Chairman made it official. In spite of widespread opposition suggesting that the combining of the country’s third and fourth largest carriers would reduce competition in the marketplace, Pai takes the stance that such a move would actual promote competition.

“After one of the most exhaustive merger reviews in Commission history, the evidence conclusively demonstrates that this transaction will bring fast 5G wireless service to many more Americans and help close the digital divide in rural areas,” Pai said in a statement. “Moreover, with the conditions included in this draft Order, the merger will promote robust competition in mobile broadband, put critical mid-band spectrum to use, and bring new competition to the fixed broadband market. I thank our transaction team for the thorough and careful analysis reflected in this draft Order and hope that my colleagues will vote to approve it.”


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