Synology Previews DiskStation Manager 7.0 OS For Enterprise and Home NAS Solutions


Popular NAS solutions provider, Synology, previewed its upcoming operating system (OS) DiskStation Manager 7.0, which is slated to arrive next year. 2020 also marks the company’s 20th anniversary and with that, it’s new overhauled OS for both enterprise and home NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions brings with a fresh new design, better performance, and new data management features. The company also showcased its upcoming NAS solution for India — the DiskStation DS420j —which is a 4-bay NAS for home use.

The big highlight of course is the new DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0 software, which offer new features such as Active Insight, which provides 24/7 server monitoring and issue prevention; Hybrid Share, which allows organisations to use a mix of local NAS storage and Synology’s C2 cloud storage, for quicker expansion; and Synology Photos, which is a new app which combines the best features of Photo Station and Synology Moments app.

The new OS is said to have a much faster boot time and a cleaner look. It’s currently in beta and is only expected to rollout sometime next year. Coming to some of the new apps, Synology Photos offers up to three times faster performance for indexing and generating thumbnails, compared to the Moments app. There’s a new ‘filter’ option too, for sorting your photos and users will be able to share and collaborate with others, even through the mobile app.

Synology Drive lets you share files across various platforms but DSM 7.0 will have a new feature called On-demand Sync 2.0, which will let you download only the files you need in the sync folder, thereby freeing up space on your device. This will be available on both Windows and Mac platforms. The Drive app in DSM 7.0 will also offer IT managers the ability to control external sharing for employees. Hybrid Share is an interesting feature, which will store the files in Synology C2 cloud, thereby reducing the bandwidth on the main NAS system, when accused by branch offices and employees working in the field.

The company also announced new hardware for enterprise users. The new Synology rack storage systems such as the UC3200 feature active controllers; 136,000 4K random write performance; and uses the iSCSI service. It also announced a high-density rack storage unit called HD6400, which can support up to 960TB of storage, and is powered by an Intel Xeon Silver octa-core CPU.

Synology has been around in India for a while and in that time, it’s grown quite a bit. “In the first half of 2019, overall we boost [more than] 50 percent growth, and [more than] 80 percent growth of enterprise solutions in India,” said Mike Shay, India Business Head, Synology.

“With a proven history of transforming the way users manage data, we are committed to provide data management solutions that empower users with smart insights and cloud connectivity,” he added.

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