iOS 13 iPhone Touch ID Bug Makes It Difficult to Log Onto Third-Party Apps, Users Report


Apple released iOS 13 as its major new operating system earlier this month. While the iOS update comes with various new features, including the anticipated Dark Mode, it is being reported to have an annoying Touch ID bug that resists third-party apps to log in. Multiple users have reported the bug on social media channels. The bug seems to impact only Touch ID-based iPhone models and not any Face ID-featuring devices. Also, it is said to be present not just on iOS 13 but also on its point releases, including the latest iOS 13.1.1 update.

As noticed by multiple users on Twitter, the pop-up that asks users for Touch ID authentication doesn’t appear in time after updating the devices to iOS 13. The issue, which isn’t likely to be limited to any certain app and has its impact on various banking apps as well as password manager apps such as Barclays, Starling Bank, Santander, and 1Password, exists not only on the original iOS 13 release but also on iOS 13.1 and iOS 13.1.1.

“I noticed that now, on iOS 13.1, the pop up asking for Touch ID doesn’t actually pop up or does after [a] certain delay. But it works, if I lay my finger on the button,” one of the affected users tweeted.

In addition to users on Twitter, there are some threads covering the Touch ID issue on the Apple Communities site. Some developers also spotted its existence on the iOS 13.1 beta releases earlier this month.

As noted by 9to5Mac, the latest issue essentially makes the alert dialogue that is meant to appear after the system matches a saved fingerprint accurately invisible.

Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac has mentioned that the issue affects all the iOS 13-compatible iPhone models that have a Touch ID module. This means that you would notice its existence on the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, or the iPhone 8 Plus. It must be noted however, that we were not able to replicate the bug. We’ve reached out to Apple to comment on the issue, and will update this space when we hear back. Since iPadOS is built on the same foundation as iOS, the issue may affect some iPad users as well. Nonetheless, it won’t impact your experience if you have a Face ID supported device.

Apple may fix the bug through a new iOS 13 point release. Meanwhile, you can try to log in on your app by putting your finger on the home button for a longer time than usual. Another workaround could be to shake the device once.

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