Google Brings ‘Stream Transfer’ Feature to Enable Easy Transferring Between Home, Chromecast, Nest Devices

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Google has announced a ‘stream transfer’ feature to let Google Home, Chromecast, and Nest users easily move their favourite music tracks, videos, or podcasts between compatible devices. The new feature works using voice as well as through the Google Home app and the touchscreen of Google Nest smart displays. It essentially bridges the gap between multiple Google Home, Chromecast, and Nest devices and is aimed to make the experience easier for users who own multiple smart TVs, smart speakers, or smart displays in their homes.

All you need to do is just say, “Hey Google, move the music to the living room speaker.” This will enable your Google Home speaker to move your music to the living room speaker.

Alternatively, the cast button on your Google Home app will allow you to move your music or podcast to a connected speaker or smart display or a group of connected devices. Google is also enabling its Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart displays to let you move your favourite YouTube video to a Chromecast-connected TV. You need to say, “Hey Google, play it on living room TV.” This will move the content from your smart display to the living room TV.

Similarly, you can set up a group of Google Home speakers or Google Nest smart displays through the Google Home app. Once the group is set up, you can transfer the content from a single speaker or display to the group.

“Now that millions of users have multiple TVs, smart speakers and smart displays (some in every room!) we wanted to make it easy for people to control their media as they moved from room to room,” writes Chris Chan, Product Manager, Google Nest, in a blog post.

Google has started rolling out the stream transfer feature to all Chromecasts, Google Home, and Nest smart speakers and displays. Moreover, it is compatible with audio apps such as YouTube Music, Spotify, and Pandora as well as YouTube.

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