PUBG Mobile to Get Upgraded Anti-Cheat System That Targets Hackers Without Collateral Effects


PUBG Mobile is a lot of fun, but there is no dearth of cheaters out there who employ unscrupulous tricks to gain advantage and ruin the experience for others. While Tencent and PUBG Corp have taken steps lately to tackle cheating in the game, the fraudsters come up with new methods to fool the system. PUBG Corp has now announced that it is working on an upgraded anti-cheat system with new software that will be more proactive at catching cheaters, but at the same time, it will also ensure that honest PUBG Mobile players don’t get banned or have to bear the brunt of someone else’s actions.

In an official blog post, the dev team mentioned that it is working on a second line of defence that will look more closely at impossible events in PUBG Mobile. An impossible event is essentially an action that requires more than just luck and skills. Take for example a shot that is nigh impossible to take, but still connects and deals damage to the enemy, or if someone covers a huge distance on the map suspiciously fast. The system will focus more on identifying such cheating behaviour, rather than trying to uncover the hack used.

PUBG Corp also mentions that they are looking to improve communication with players beyond just updates. The cheat detection methods have also been updated lately, and work is currently underway to develop more sensitive means that can discern between skills and anything fishy to keep the game servers free of cheaters. The team will also roll out improvements to the game’s server infrastructure that will let the security team detect efforts made by cheaters to hide their activities while they mimic poor connectivity. 

“Finally, during Update 0.15.0 we will invest more service and computing resources to gradually start rolling out improvements to our Server Infrastructure that will enable us to detect efforts to hide cheating through making it appear that a player has a poor connection, allowing us to detect these cheaters even more quickly than before”, the blog post added. The team also made it clear that whether someone spends a tonne of money in PUBG Mobile or uses VIP hacks, if someone is detected cheating or distributing hacks, they will be banned without any exceptions whatsoever.

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