Twitter Now Lets You Follow “Topics”


Twitter is launching a new feature called Topics. As the name suggests, these are topics you can follow in order to see tweets about those subject matters. Which could help you see tweets that interest you and people who share similar interests to you.

The Problem With Following People on Twitter

Twitter isn’t the easiest social media platform to understand. A lot of people sign up for an account, and then don’t know what to do next. The obvious answer is to follow people and hope they follow you back, but individuals talk about a myriad of different subjects.

You may follow a footballer only to find they tweet about politics. Or follow a comedian to find they only tweet about their upcoming tour. The answer may be to forget about people and follow topics instead. Which is why Twitter is launching Topics.

Twitter Introduces Topics for You to Follow

Twitter explains how Topics works on the Twitter Blog. In a nutshell, Topics will be specific interests you follow in the same way you follow people. With a single tap, you’ll be able to see “the most relevant and interesting Tweets about what you care about”.

Once you follow a topic, you’ll see tweets about that subject matter from a range of different people. These could be experts, fans, or just people who tweet about that subject matter a lot. The point is you don’t have to be following them as people.

Twitter will suggest Topics based on your activity on the platform. So, if you follow lots of accounts related to Major League Soccer, it’s likely to suggest that as a topic. These suggestions will “appear in your timeline and in search” over the coming months.

Topics is rolling out on Twitter right now, with 300 Topics available at launch. These cover interests across sports, entertainment, and gaming, but Twitter is likely to add more as time goes on. If you see a Topic that interests you, just tap to follow it.

How to Use Twitter

Since its inception people have been complaining that it’s hard to get started using Twitter. The new Topics should help both old and new users find interesting people and tweets to follow. And if all else fails, check out our guide to using Twitter

How to Use Twitter

How to Use Twitter

Twitter can be overwhelming at first, but we’re here to help you make sense of it. Here’s a complete guide to using Twitter and understanding how it works.
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