PUBG Labs Goes Lives as Dedicated Space for Testing Experimental Features, First One is Skill Based Rating System


PUBG Test Server has so far served as the sole platform for testing new and upcoming features that will eventually make it to the game’s public version. PUBG Corp has now introduced a dedicated space called PUBG Labs for testing experimental game content such as modes, rules, and features. Just to be clear, PUBG Labs won’t replace the Test Server as it will continue to receive updates with new content as usual. The first experimental feature that has made its way to PUBG Labs is the Skill Based Rating system, which as the name suggests, will give more weight to actual skills and the solo performance of players, and will also take into account the strength of enemies they go against.

In an official blog post, the PUBG Labs Team revealed that PUBG Labs will serve as a separate test environment where experimental settings, features, and modes will be tested via content updates that will be dropped from time to time for everyone to try. And to clarify any confusion, yes, players will be able to continue their regular PUBG gaming sessions as usual irrespective of whether they opt-in for the PUBG Labs tests or not. The PUBG dev team says that PUBG Labs will be utilised primarily for testing features that are far down the road compared to those that arrive on the Test Server.

Players can find PUBG Labs in the menu under the Play button, and it is now live on the Test Server following the 5.2 update. The first experimental feature to arrive in PUBG Labs is the Skill Based Rating system that will be separate from the current Survival Title System, and will predominantly rely on players’ skill level based on match performance.

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Skill Based Rating system will be tested over the course of eight weeks in PUBG Labs

Players will first have to finish 5 rating-evaluation matches to assign them a base tier that will go up or down based on their performance in subsequent matches. PUBG’s Skill Based Rating system is an opt-in feature, which means players can decide whether they want their performance to be tracked for evaluation or not.

Once the base Bronze tier has been assigned, players can progress through a total of six tiers going up to Master tier, with each tier having five divisions each and a Ratings Point scale as well. While the number of kills will be the prime criterion for assessing skills, the ratings of enemies will also be considered to adjust the final rating accordingly. You can read more about the experimental Skill Based Rating system in PUBG here.

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