Fortnite Save The World Mode Introduces Dungeons, New Heroes, and Mythic Weapons


Fortnite Save The World mode is in the limelight again. Epic Games has added Dungeons, a new area for players to explore. Dungeons area in the game’s Save The World mode is riddled with traps and monsters that players need to take on in order to win rewards. A pair of new heroes with unique advantages has also made their way to the game, and a crossover event with Epic Games’ Battle Breakers has also gone live. Moreover, Save The World mode has also added the ability to equip ranged weapon wraps.

Epic Games mentioned in a blog post that the Dungeons area, which is located in the Hexylvania region, is a subterranean domain where players will encounter monsters and traps galore, but there are also new weapons, magical keys, and golden coins to be found while exploring the dark labyrinth. Fortnite’s Save The World mode has also landed two new heroes – Swamp Knight and Mermonster Ken.

Swamp Knight’s standard perk increases the damage dealt by up to 42 percent, and the commander perk also ups the chances of conjuring a Phantasm by 45 percent while taking damage. As for Mermonster Ken, this hero’s standard perk enhances melee damage by 44 percent, while the commander perk ups the chance of conjuring a Phantasm by 60 percent in case of melee heavy attack eliminations.

Moreover, Fortnite’s crossover with the Battle Breakers game is now live, allowing players to win exclusive content by completing quests and also stand a chance to earn Razor, Battle Breaker’s dagger master. A couple of mythic weapons have arrived in Fortnite’s Save The World mode as well. Also, the durability of rocket launchers has been increased and the existing launchers have been tweaked to use explosive ammo.

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